Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Painting Panic

For no sensible reason I suffer from something I call "Painting Panic".
That happend when I started my tabletop-career with "Dreadfleet" and with the arrival of Space Hulk my panic returns.
All the plastic parts are lined up in front of me and I'm affraid to screw up big time.
It's different from painting other armies oder pieces. With my Tyranids and my Blood Angels I just started painting to see what will happen and how all these little things will turn out.
Maybe it's because Space Hulk (and Dreadfleet not so much...) is so "exclusive" in some ways. Those are no Standard Genestalkers and Blood Angels from the shelf. These are minitures you only get with this game.
And who knows when or if there will be a new edition.

At least not because I'm in danger to screw up the paintjob.
I have some experience in painting Tyrandis like this

And Blood Angels are no strangers to me

Finally it'll be like it'll be all the time. Everybody will be totally excited how all these tiny figures turned out and I'll know where my paintjob has it's weak spots.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

This is about painting

I know, I already had a tumblr but I didn't really got a long with it.
It's not blog enough for me and interaction with readers their is still a bit strange to me.

So I decided not to go the big way (Making another selfhosted Wordpress-Blog) but return to blogger.
It's blog enough and simple enough to post very quickly without caring to much about the backend.

Yes, I will improve the layout over the next few weeks...
At last when I'm done with my Tyranids.