Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Blood Angels Droppod

I really like the Droppods.
That's why my Blood Angels-Army got a Droppod a while ago and that's also the reason why I recently bought two Tyrannocytes.

Back when I painted my Blood Angel-Droppod I wanted it to look like it has been used several times.
Not brand new from factory because when it enters the battle it already had at least one drop on the list.

So after adding so decorations and painting it nice and clean...

... I started messing it up, with all I had.
Shading and finger whiping with Typhus Corrosion, light drybrushing with Ryza Rust and finally adding some "re-entry" grime with Abbadon Black drybrushing.

It ended up like this on my workbench. And like this in front of my camera:

And with some "decoration":

In my opinion the toughest part was (apart from repetitive and pretty dull large surface painiting) to find out what's the right degree of pre-assembling parts before basecoating the whole Droppod.
I ended up with three stages:
  • The foundation (the "starfish")
  • The wings already glued to the engine
  • The console with the harness
Then I painted the three parts seperatly and finally assembled and glued them together for messing them up.

So what's your opinion on the result?

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