Sunday, 13 December 2015

Imperial Knight House Hazamel

I'm entering new Terrain I think.
I'm currently busy building my War Convocation Formation with Ryza.
Along with his Formation comes an Imperial Knight. Or at least one Imperial Knight. For now it looks like I'm having an Errant and a Crusader.
And the main reason why my errant is still unpainted after over a year is the painting schema.
I had no clue how to paint it...
With my Ryza-Army the plan was to keep him in this style.
Well... That was the plan until I started doodling around yesterday, drawing an Icon for "House Hazamel". I ended up with this one and I like it.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Santa Orksmas

...or orky Christmas. Whatever...
Next project is something to relax.
I'm painting the Santa's little "helper" (Maybe army is a better term for that).
Bought a box of gretchin and will paint some of them in this painting schema. Just for fun because I can...

As usual something came to my mind while painting... Maybe I'll put them in a snowglobe.
But I'm not sure so far

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ryza Sydonian Dragoon finished

He's finished.
Whoever says painting Skitarii is easy has never painted one of these folks.
Or I've spend to many time on painting details. Who knows...

Sunday, 29 November 2015

WIP: Ryza Skitarii Sydonian Dragoon

Next part of my Adeptus Mechanicus Force is slowly coming to life:

My Dragoon is (almost) on his own legs.

It reminds me a little of Baba Jaga's Hut on the chicken legs.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Do Gaunts squeak? I do!

If you ever wondered what sound gaunts make when the get smacked by an Ork or Space Marine?
Ask the other people in my office!
I made this sound today when I read the message of Florian on my Facebook-Fanpage, the Shop Manager of Warhammer Würzburg.

Well... Dan Harden from White Dwarf posted something on "What's new" which looked pretty familiar to me:
My contribution for Armies on Parade is online with two other pretty impressive displays.
I wasn't sure if it would get online anytime because in the meantime there was Horus Heresy, there's christmas coming and specialist games and so on.

Monday, 16 November 2015

WIP - Skitarii Sicarians Ruststalker

To be honest:
When I started painting my first Sicarian yesterday I wasn't really sure about it.

I didn't like the way the orange basecoat looked. For me it wasn't bright enough. At least not bright enough for what I had in mind for Rzya.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Battlereport: 1500 Points Tyranids vs. Space Marines

Time to take my Nids back home from the shop where they lived since Armies on Parade.
And because they are pretty nasty to carry around we decided to have a game at the store.
1500 Points of Nids vs. Space Marines.

He brought all he had at once. I had Children of Cryptus, one team of Hormagaunts and one team of Termagaunts as backup with a Tyrannocyte and a Trygon.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Blood Angels Librarian

Instead of watching the paint dry on my Librarian Dreadnaught, I took some pictures of my Blood Angels Librarian I painted last weekend.

It's the first time I used a black pen for text on the scrolls instead of using a brush. As you can see there are red capital letters so I had to use a brush again.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

He was sitting on my shelf for a pretty long time. I really liked the look and the story behind it (Yes, sometimes I'm a little fluffbunny...)
So I decided to paint Lemartes right after I painted my Librarian for the Blood Angels.

It's an old metal Lemartes and he tried to bug me by throwing of his jump pack. Worked pretty fine until I used the thick super glue from Citadel. Since that moment he behaved.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Killteam-Sunday: Blood Angels vs. Orks

If there's a constant in my Warhammer-Universe than it is loosing against my friends Orks.
This time he brought his biker and I tried two configurations to get my first win against him:

One with three terminators and another one as "fast attack" with five assault marines.
So on to three rounds of Killteam - Heralds of the ruin Ruleset.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Ghostkeel Drones

After having painted the Ghostkeel, the two MV5 Stealthdrones weren't a big challenge.

Compared to the Ghostkeel I only changed one little detail:
At the Ghostkeel I did a weathering with sponing Drayad Bark. For the Drones I added a second layer with Runefang Steel to get a the look of newly chipped paint. I like this one more.
With using the sponge it looks really like little metal flakes at the edge.
And now:

On to new projects.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

...and the Winner is...

Not me.
Which is not a bad thing because I came in second on Armies on Parade right after a great Fantasy-Display with a 25 year old minuature.

Im honest: This was my favorite.

I came in second and I'm sooooo happy

So... let's see what's next year ;)

Tau Ghostkeel

A week ago, Flo offered me to build and paint the new Tau Ghostkeel for Warhammer Würzburg.
Tempted to try something new I said yes and here's the result.
Base will be made later at the store to fit with the upcoming Tau-Army.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Armies on Parade 2015: Finishline!

It's done!
Everything is painted, flocked and placed. While I'm typing this, my contribution is standing in the hallway ready to take it's journey to the Warhammer Würzburg.
No more talking... This is it. I hope you enjoy it.
And if you're located from around Würzburg:
Go to the store next Saturday (October 24th between 11 and about 5) and vote (for me!)

Next Projects

Has been pretty quiet around here the last days.
I've finished my Armies On Parade-Display. I have to take some photos this weekend and then I'll take it to my Warhammer-Store.
So what's currently on my desk?
I've assembled and primed my upcoming Skitarii-Army and started to work with my half squad of DeathKorps of Krieg.

I really like the look. And I mostly like how few work they need to clean. Looking forward painting it.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Armies on Parade - Part V

I'm pretty much done.
I went to my local store yesterday to pick up my Exhibition-Nids to see how they fit into the display.
Good idea, because I found out, that there wasn't enough room on my current setup. Parts of the manufactorum had to go (The small corner). Gunemplacement on the hill was removed and changed for the big Manufactorum.
No explosions, no razorwire (so far...) but I ended up with something like this:

Friday, 2 October 2015

Painting Genestealers

My Deathstorm-Genestealers are done and ready for Armies on Parade.
I'm honest: I haven't missed painting Tyranid-Troops at all. It's not painting the skin, it's painting the carpace and claws black again.
I sticked to my Hivefleet Leviathan Painting Schema I started one and a half years ago:

  1. Primer: White
  2. Basecoat: Ushabit Bone
  3. Wash: Carroburg Crimson
  4. Brush: Ushabit Bone
  5. Heavy Drybrush: Screaming Skull
  6. Light Drybrush: White Scar 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Armies on Parade - Part IV

I call it "Chocolate Cake Edition".
At least that's what my girlfriend calls it since I painted it dark brown. With chocolate sprinkles.

Anyway: She's wrong.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Painting Manufactorum

Currently a ruin of a manufactorum is part of my Armies of Parade presentation.
"Currently" because it's constantly changing over the last weeks.
Luckily this is a good reason to paint buildings. I bought an imperial sector box last year and build the buildings but never got further than priming them. Only having painted minitures before it was kind of frightening to see how much details you have on a building. I assumed that I'll never finish only one building because it's really dull and you don't see an end anywhere near with a basilica four stories high.
Okay, maybe it's (again) a bad idea to take the pictures of Games Workshop's Shoppage as an example. They are really detailed.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Decision time!

It's really hard to avoid "Winter is coming" ;)

But it's a fact: Temperatures are dropping really fast now. Not so long ago we had over 30°C and now we are lucky to hit the 20°C.
So the window to prime outside with a spraycan is getting very small. And somehow it got me by surprise.
My primed "To-Do"-List is pretty small. Some leftover Gaunts, Space Hulk, a Whirlwind and some terrain. That's it. Not enough to get through the dark winter times with lots of time to paint.
I feel a little bit like the grashopper from the fable "Ant and grashopper". So I had to make a decision what to do in winter.
I decided to go with Imperial Knight and some Skitarii.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Armies on Parade - Part III

Weekly Update about my Armies on Parade contribution

Last week was the messy week.
I shaped my hill with a wirebrush to get smoother edges.
My floor looked like a blizzard rolled in and I like a snowman.

First step to make it look nicer was applying some plaster. I thought that the first roll of plaster would be enough, but I messed up applying it, so I had to take of my rubber gloves, cut the second one in pieces and applied the second one. It looked like, well, plaster after it dried.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Execution Force: Chaos

You've seen the good guys. Now it's time for the bad guy.

Starting with the cultists...

...continuing with the three Chaos Space Marines...

Monday, 7 September 2015

Armies on Parade 2015 - Part II

Execution Force finished! Time to get serious on Armies on Parade.

I set up the layout for the display. Looked like a snowstorm in my room after I cut (and broke) the foam for the hill.

I left a little more space at the upper layer to change the slope of the hill. I'm also planning to make so kind of path through the gap between the Defence Line. I'm also not sure about the position of the craters.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Assassinorum Execution Force: The Assassins

Just in time I finished my Standalone Boardgame "Exectution Force".

Presenting today: My Asssassins.

I'm pretty happy how the turned out.

Click to get the others

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Armies on Parade 2015 - Part I

The race is on.
I finally decided to take part in this years Armies on Parade.

It took a while for serveral reasons.
One was that I couldn't decide what to make. If you look for "Armies on Parade"-Boards there seem to be just to kinds

  • Superimpressive like the ones from Mike Gupton
  • Not so superimpressive like a flat 24"x 24" Board with some drybrushed paint and the Army standing on this board
To me most of them just present the armies (Well, maybe that's why it's called "on Parade" Mr. Hazamel...). I don't want to do that. I had a more scenic presentation in mind. My army in action.
Or my swarm because calling my hivefleet an army? I don't know.
First idea was to build a manufactorum. But I think this is the thing this year. Everybody seems to build a manufactorum this year. And it doesn't leave a lot of room for my swarm. And that's what I want to focus on: The swarm-thing.
Lot's of Tyranids attacking (okay, that shouldn't be to hard with 70 Gaunts...) one last desperate outpost.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lens Upgrade

Taking good pictures of my minis is always important to me.
But the smaller the things, the more you have to do to get some good pictures.
Last year I bought a lighttent which works like an umbrella. But it's pretty big so it's always a lot to do, to take some picture:
Clearing to dinnertable (cause it's the only one that is big enough), setting up up to three lamps, setting up tripod an camera and so on...
So I was pretty happy to find this Foldio 2 by Orangemonkie a few weeks ago.
It's big enough for most of my minis and it comes with backdrops an two LED-Lights.

Results were better, but I wasn't completly happy about it. My girlfriend already suggested that I need another lens for my camera. This time a macro-lens for all the tiny stuff.

Well, I tried and tried to aviod this, but finally I caved in an bought a macro-lens at a local shop.

It's jawdropping.

Instead of struggling with two close or slightly out of focus something like this comes out.
It's great. I already like it.
And I've a feeling, that this one will be my new most used lens.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Still alive

Yes, I'm still alive.
And as always, I promise to write more. Or at least I'm trying.
Having three weeks of I'm trying to finish my Assasinorum: Exectution Force.
Still missing: The Chaos Cultists but I'm working on that.

Assassins are finished

Chaos Sorcerer too

What's to come?

Maybe Armies on Parade. We've a Warhammer-Store in Town since last week. So maybe I take part in Armies on Parade. Still not sure how to present my Tyranids.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Winged Hive Tyrant in Progress

It's my second Hive Tyrant.
This time he has wings, a bonesword and a lashwhip. (And as an "exploit" Scything Talons as I was told by Blight_in_the_Stars on Instagram ;) )

Assembly went pretty well compared to his finecast-friend on christmas. But still a lot of greenstuff on the tail and the carpace on the back.
At least on the tail I couldn't make the seams disappear. So I decided to keep it that way instead of spending hours on sandpaper-work and re-basecoating.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Myth confirmed

Two lessons learned this week:
1. Never say Never!
After a very short moment of resitance I caved in and bought a battle box. I was an a business trip to Berlin an visited the GW-Store Berlin I at the Europa Center.
Björn (I think the Shopmanager) showed and explained to me how to get difficult miniatures into the box. "Victim" was a fully painted Verminlord which worked pretty well without any problems.
So I took the case with me.

2. Back home I confirmed what I already assumed: Not really suitable for Tyranids. Or big Tyranids.

Trygon Prime refused to fit. I put him in like in the picture, turned him around 90°. Rotatet him a lot. Tried to spread the upper foam like the lower one. No effekt.
Because of the oval-shaped base an the slightly twisted upper bodypart it does not fit.
I was once brave enough to close the lid when he was packed like shown and sucked in the air because it was no good feeling to give it a good push to close the lid shut.
I think this was the moment wenn Mr. Trygon was mad at me an decied to throw on of his mouthblades at me. Pushed loose at the joint. Nothing I couldn't fix with a few drops of glue but enough making me not trying it again.
So, test failed. Maybe it works better with round shaped bases.

I think it would have been better if the bottom of the foam things weren't glued to the foam thing. You know, just the zigzag and a seperate bottom. So you can put it around the big guys and make them stand or lie on the lower ones. But this doesn't work. And as someone said on my Instagram-Account there's also no way to put in there a Tyrannofex.

So far so good (Or not...). Let's talk about quality.
As already mentioned before I have an old Battle-Case and some Feldherr-Foam and Battelfoam for Dreadfleet.
If this was a race, new GW Foam would finish last. Someone put my Foams in the box an closed the lid without taking care if it's inside properly. This means: It's already bent (As seen on the lower left corner). And whoever glued them together was in a terrible hurry. It's pretty askew glued together.
The box itself is really sturdy. If you loose the battle you can use it as a weapon on your opponent.
Or, as my colleague says: Looks like you're carrying around a nuclear bomb.

So my conclusion is: It's a great idea but there's plenty room for improvement on the inside.
For my nids it's not the right solution because I will have problems to get my 1200 Points of bugs in this box.
My advice: Go to your store, take your critical miniature(s) with you and test it. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.
And I really would love to see how GW-Staff put a Imperial Knight in there an shut the lid!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hands on with the new GW-Storageboxes

Saturday. Time to meet my trusted Geek-Supplier.
Not just because it's Saturday but because it was Free Roleplayday in Germany.

What did I spy when I entered the shop. Brandnew (finally) boxes of Star Wars Armada and a lonley little black box recognized as Games Workshops Battle Figure Case.
Couldn't wait to get my hands on it, to see what this ugly piece of plastic looks inside.
From my impression, it's really difficult to judge this box.
Yes, it's really ugly from outside. It's more like your carrying around some sort of nuclear bomb than the old cases.
Second the zig-zag interior is a great idea. It's really as flexible as it looks in the White Dwarf and the Videos.
Yes, you can take out all the inner foam to make room for bigger models but (and that's what make me not buy one of these) I'm not sure how to protect them from wandering around within the box. You can not remove the zigzag-layers as it seems so you have to put your precious model onto the zigzag-foam without (maybe you can turn around the upper one...) any protection on the sides.
As a Tyranid-Player I have a lot of big guys with widespread arms and claws and talons, ready to break away at anytime.
I doubt that I can even safely store my Zoeanthropes. Not even thinking about a Carnifex or, worst case, a Tryrannocyote.
Dont't get me wrong, I think this box will do a great job if you have any Codex Astartes Army but my Xenos? I don't know.
I think, I will have to rely an customized Feldherr-Foam to store and transport my Nids around.
But I really hope GW wasn't so clever to have any patents on the zigzagfoam because for small units this seems to be really good and way better than the old system with the little boxes that where perfect for 25mm not to dynamic SpaceMarines Tacticals and (nearly) nothing else.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Another batch of Termagaunts

I'm surprised!
It doesn't always take a few month to finish a whole batch of ten Termagaunts.
It's even possible to finish them within a week.´

I'm really surprised ;)

One thing I learned from painting Termagaunts: Take brakes!
It was easier to do them after having painted Neuro- and Zoeanthropes.
That was kind of a reward.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hive Tyrant - Finecast Version

If there's one thing everybody is cursing about, it's finecast. Or failcast.
I already had fun with glueing together the 2014 White Dwarf and it didn't keep me from buying another finecast one.
A Hive Tyrant. It was on sale...

Pretty quickly I knew why ;)

I had a lot of fun (and liquid green and glue) putting together the carpace and priming the whole model.
It seems like it's sucking in the paint and leaving a lot of white holes you're impossible to reach.

Finally I made it to look like this, but it was a really hard way. And I'm honest, I wouldn't belived you, that it looks like this in the end.

Even when the base was done it was hell of a fight to glue the feet to the cork. They weren't flat so they wouldn't stick to the base.

It was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it. He looks good in the cabinet.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Have a break

I'm so bad in keeping this blog up to date.
And it also seems like I killed some of the pictures from my Google-Account.
But enough with excuses.
I had a little break at the beginning of the year. After finishing so Tyranids I couldn't stand any more white skin and black carpace. So my last hormagauts stood around for weeks before I finished them last week.

Worst thing, close to dull repetitive painting bodies, were the Devourers. After a short research in Rulebooks, Internet and Painting Guides I found out one thing:
There's nothing like the right look for a devourer. So I decided to paint them with a mixture of freestyle, Fleshborer and the old iBooks-Tyranid-Painting-Guide. Last one mainly for the "barrel".
So I ended up with these ones and even these are not one style.

To avoid another looooooong break I decided not to get frustrated with the other 30 Termagaunts. Instead I started with Zoanthropes and a Neurothrope.
Long story short: I took me four days and they were really easy to paint. And finally I've a HQ-Unit for my next Killteam-Match.

Next up for painting: More Termagaunts. This time with Fleshborers.