Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hands on with the new GW-Storageboxes

Saturday. Time to meet my trusted Geek-Supplier.
Not just because it's Saturday but because it was Free Roleplayday in Germany.

What did I spy when I entered the shop. Brandnew (finally) boxes of Star Wars Armada and a lonley little black box recognized as Games Workshops Battle Figure Case.
Couldn't wait to get my hands on it, to see what this ugly piece of plastic looks inside.
From my impression, it's really difficult to judge this box.
Yes, it's really ugly from outside. It's more like your carrying around some sort of nuclear bomb than the old cases.
Second the zig-zag interior is a great idea. It's really as flexible as it looks in the White Dwarf and the Videos.
Yes, you can take out all the inner foam to make room for bigger models but (and that's what make me not buy one of these) I'm not sure how to protect them from wandering around within the box. You can not remove the zigzag-layers as it seems so you have to put your precious model onto the zigzag-foam without (maybe you can turn around the upper one...) any protection on the sides.
As a Tyranid-Player I have a lot of big guys with widespread arms and claws and talons, ready to break away at anytime.
I doubt that I can even safely store my Zoeanthropes. Not even thinking about a Carnifex or, worst case, a Tryrannocyote.
Dont't get me wrong, I think this box will do a great job if you have any Codex Astartes Army but my Xenos? I don't know.
I think, I will have to rely an customized Feldherr-Foam to store and transport my Nids around.
But I really hope GW wasn't so clever to have any patents on the zigzagfoam because for small units this seems to be really good and way better than the old system with the little boxes that where perfect for 25mm not to dynamic SpaceMarines Tacticals and (nearly) nothing else.

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