Monday, 16 March 2015

Have a break

I'm so bad in keeping this blog up to date.
And it also seems like I killed some of the pictures from my Google-Account.
But enough with excuses.
I had a little break at the beginning of the year. After finishing so Tyranids I couldn't stand any more white skin and black carpace. So my last hormagauts stood around for weeks before I finished them last week.

Worst thing, close to dull repetitive painting bodies, were the Devourers. After a short research in Rulebooks, Internet and Painting Guides I found out one thing:
There's nothing like the right look for a devourer. So I decided to paint them with a mixture of freestyle, Fleshborer and the old iBooks-Tyranid-Painting-Guide. Last one mainly for the "barrel".
So I ended up with these ones and even these are not one style.

To avoid another looooooong break I decided not to get frustrated with the other 30 Termagaunts. Instead I started with Zoanthropes and a Neurothrope.
Long story short: I took me four days and they were really easy to paint. And finally I've a HQ-Unit for my next Killteam-Match.

Next up for painting: More Termagaunts. This time with Fleshborers.

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