Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Winged Hive Tyrant in Progress

It's my second Hive Tyrant.
This time he has wings, a bonesword and a lashwhip. (And as an "exploit" Scything Talons as I was told by Blight_in_the_Stars on Instagram ;) )

Assembly went pretty well compared to his finecast-friend on christmas. But still a lot of greenstuff on the tail and the carpace on the back.
At least on the tail I couldn't make the seams disappear. So I decided to keep it that way instead of spending hours on sandpaper-work and re-basecoating.

When I wanted to put him back on his own tail, I hit the next problem: He looked like he was looking on the ground a few meters infront of his own tail instead of looking for the enemy like a HQ-unit is supposed to do.
I'm pretty sure that it wasn't only because of the few extra millimeters on the back... so I had to modify the foot attached to the tail.
Looking back this was a mistake. As you can see, it took me a lot of instant glue, liquid and non-liquid greenstuff to keep him upright.

Second challenge were the wings. Compared to the Demon Prince they are really huge. And you have a model that is balanced on a small tail..

Painting the wings was pretty new terrain for me. I already painted the tiny wings of the Gargoyles but this was nothing compared to these ones.
And I wanted to do it right, because they are eyecatcher and main feature of this one.

So I did something I really don't do very often: I mixed paints and did the wings the long way like it's discribed in the "Invasion Swarms" Painting Guide.
And they came out pretty well.

Finally I painted the lashwhip and the bonesword.
BUT building a huge Nid wouldn't be finished without my infamous BattelBox-Test ;)

It doesn't really fit.

I had to leave out one of the trays and the upper layer was pretty wobbly when I put it in the box. I could close the box without force but I don't feel comfortable to transport the model like this.
I know how "stable" his tail is attached to the base.
So one more Nid Fails the Battlebox-Test.

I hope to come up with a few nice pictures of the completed Hive Tyrant within the next days.

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