Monday, 7 September 2015

Armies on Parade 2015 - Part II

Execution Force finished! Time to get serious on Armies on Parade.

I set up the layout for the display. Looked like a snowstorm in my room after I cut (and broke) the foam for the hill.

I left a little more space at the upper layer to change the slope of the hill. I'm also planning to make so kind of path through the gap between the Defence Line. I'm also not sure about the position of the craters.

As mentioned before I also tested making terrain with filler.

Texture came out pretty nice although I did not go the full way...
Color... Well... That's something I have to improve. I Think I should really try to make my own wash to get a darker color. It's okay, but I really wanted a darker basecolor for my Tyranids.

Next up at the testtrack will be some foam hill with foam an plaster.

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