Monday, 14 September 2015

Armies on Parade - Part III

Weekly Update about my Armies on Parade contribution

Last week was the messy week.
I shaped my hill with a wirebrush to get smoother edges.
My floor looked like a blizzard rolled in and I like a snowman.

First step to make it look nicer was applying some plaster. I thought that the first roll of plaster would be enough, but I messed up applying it, so I had to take of my rubber gloves, cut the second one in pieces and applied the second one. It looked like, well, plaster after it dried.

So, out with the filler bucket (Forget the hobby store and landscape stuff: I bought 1 litre of Filler at the hardware store for about 5 € while the hobby store wanted 15 € for a small pot) and smoothing surfaces and edges. Guess what: Messy again.

What I didn't think about was the path up to the hill. With plaster and filler added it's to small for a base.

I also glued the two craters to the board to stop me thinking about the position. Unfortunately the modellwater didn't dry as I wished so it's more like a strange mixture of green and cloudy white in one crater.

I also repositioned the buildings on the hill. I moved the tower to the front to have a little more space for the bunker. I think it looks more like a fortification now. And I gained some room for a deep striking attack.

I also decided to put my warlord on a kind of a hill or something above the troops.
So i came up with the idea of having a drilling plattform and build one from the promethium pipeline kit and some spare parts from the imperial sector.

To be honest: I'm a little bit disappointed from the piplines. They are nice but if you really want to work with them you need at least two of them.

I also added some wood to conceal the foam on the backside of the board. And to finish my week of messiness I finally painted the board with a filler water mix to add some texture.

So my To-Do-List looks like this:

  • Integrating my craters
  • Painting and flocking the ground
  • Making more razorwire
  • Adding some explosions
  • Painting the Bunker and the two parts of the defence line
  • Finishing my bastion
  • Waiting for my Battlefield Accessories to arrive
  • Building the sandbag defence
Days left: 40

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