Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Armies on Parade - Part IV

I call it "Chocolate Cake Edition".
At least that's what my girlfriend calls it since I painted it dark brown. With chocolate sprinkles.

Anyway: She's wrong.

What happened since last time?
I added some pretty fine grains on the slope of the hill ("Sprinkles") and integrated the craters. And, as you can see, there are some layers of different brown paint and selfmixed wash on the hill.
The things standing on the my display are those pieces of terrain which are done.
Compared to the mock-up I posted on Instagram a few days ago that's literally nothing.
And because it's just a month to go, I set up a "priority list".

  1. Finish buildings (Manufactorum and Bastion)
  2. Finish barricades
  3. Add rocks around the craters and finish the paintjob
  4. Flock that thing with static grass
  5. Finish Genestealers
  6. Finish "decoration" like drums, ammo boxes and so on
  7. Finish Lascannon for the gun emplacement
  8. Add explosion and razorwire (Finish Gaunts for that)
And, most important: Do as much as possible at the same time!
I'm also pretty sure that I won't add the Blast Door from ForgeWorld even though it has been shiped today.
I try to stick to the current plan and see how far I can get.

I'm still not sure how and where I will come in. I'm still somewhere between not impressed and pretty impressed when I look at Armies On Parade Contributions of other people.

Days to go: 31

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