Friday, 18 September 2015

Decision time!

It's really hard to avoid "Winter is coming" ;)

But it's a fact: Temperatures are dropping really fast now. Not so long ago we had over 30°C and now we are lucky to hit the 20°C.
So the window to prime outside with a spraycan is getting very small. And somehow it got me by surprise.
My primed "To-Do"-List is pretty small. Some leftover Gaunts, Space Hulk, a Whirlwind and some terrain. That's it. Not enough to get through the dark winter times with lots of time to paint.
I feel a little bit like the grashopper from the fable "Ant and grashopper". So I had to make a decision what to do in winter.
I decided to go with Imperial Knight and some Skitarii.

The knight is on my shelf for over a year now because I couldn't decide how to paint it. I didn't want to go with one of the big houses, although I really like the black and yellow stripes from House Raven.
So I go with a freeblade. First thought was to paint a Garantius. But, good job Games Workshop, the sheet with the additional transfers is no longer available. Even better job to not bring it back with the new edition of Knight Codex and again showing some really great freeblades. But I'm drifting away from topic...
My Skitarrii will be a force from Rzya. I don't want to have a standard-mars-pattern Skitarii-force and a I really like the bright orange Rzya-pattern. So my knight will be some kind of Mechanicum-associated Freeblade from Rzya or fighting with Ryza forces.
Fun thing is, that this is the second time I decide to go with a force that is, according to fluff, fighting against Orks, which are the main army of a friend of mine. I don't do this on purpose. This is just happening.
The other thing I'm currently thinking about is starting with some Death Korps of Krieg. I liked the steampunk-look of some of the Chaos Cultists so I really like the look of the Korps.
But apart from this, there are some points that keep me from doing so:

  1. It's ForgeWorld, so they are expensive! (Okay, compared to Skitarii they are not that expansive...)
  2. Not another army! Maybe I should focus on expanding my existing army instead of spreading my range of armies. This would be my fourth faction since I started to do this Warhammer-Thing two years ago.
  3. Not another mass army! DKoK is again many models for few points. I was surprised to see that Troop-Choice is named "Platoon" and all you can buy are "Squads". For combat-ready I need about 55 models which are worth about 500 Points. And then I don't have anything special. Which lead back to point 1.
I think I keep that in mind and focus on the grey stuff on my desk.
I keep you updated

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