Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lens Upgrade

Taking good pictures of my minis is always important to me.
But the smaller the things, the more you have to do to get some good pictures.
Last year I bought a lighttent which works like an umbrella. But it's pretty big so it's always a lot to do, to take some picture:
Clearing to dinnertable (cause it's the only one that is big enough), setting up up to three lamps, setting up tripod an camera and so on...
So I was pretty happy to find this Foldio 2 by Orangemonkie a few weeks ago.
It's big enough for most of my minis and it comes with backdrops an two LED-Lights.

Results were better, but I wasn't completly happy about it. My girlfriend already suggested that I need another lens for my camera. This time a macro-lens for all the tiny stuff.

Well, I tried and tried to aviod this, but finally I caved in an bought a macro-lens at a local shop.

It's jawdropping.

Instead of struggling with two close or slightly out of focus something like this comes out.
It's great. I already like it.
And I've a feeling, that this one will be my new most used lens.

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