Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Armies on Parade - Part V

I'm pretty much done.
I went to my local store yesterday to pick up my Exhibition-Nids to see how they fit into the display.
Good idea, because I found out, that there wasn't enough room on my current setup. Parts of the manufactorum had to go (The small corner). Gunemplacement on the hill was removed and changed for the big Manufactorum.
No explosions, no razorwire (so far...) but I ended up with something like this:

Almost all my Nids on display. I think I had three or four Gargoyles in the box.
I think I achieved the "Swarm-look" pretty good. At least I hope good enough to reward my weeklong work with a Medal on Paradeday.

What's left to do?
Well, finishing the terrain. Drybrushing the rocks around the crater, adding some static grass. Weathering the Buildings.
I would love to add some flames to the Blood Angel fighting the Hive Tyrant with a flamer, but I haven't found a proper tutorial to do so.
And I'll have to order a transportbox for taking my Hivefleet to the shop.

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