Saturday, 17 October 2015

Next Projects

Has been pretty quiet around here the last days.
I've finished my Armies On Parade-Display. I have to take some photos this weekend and then I'll take it to my Warhammer-Store.
So what's currently on my desk?
I've assembled and primed my upcoming Skitarii-Army and started to work with my half squad of DeathKorps of Krieg.

I really like the look. And I mostly like how few work they need to clean. Looking forward painting it.

The next thing I have in mind has something to do with this little box

Maybe combined with a display. A deathwatch kill team dropped of by a Stormraven on a landing plattform with a walkway to a entrance door. Sounds a bit like Armies on Parade 2016 to me.
This is my update so far.

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