Friday, 2 October 2015

Painting Genestealers

My Deathstorm-Genestealers are done and ready for Armies on Parade.
I'm honest: I haven't missed painting Tyranid-Troops at all. It's not painting the skin, it's painting the carpace and claws black again.
I sticked to my Hivefleet Leviathan Painting Schema I started one and a half years ago:

  1. Primer: White
  2. Basecoat: Ushabit Bone
  3. Wash: Carroburg Crimson
  4. Brush: Ushabit Bone
  5. Heavy Drybrush: Screaming Skull
  6. Light Drybrush: White Scar 
  1. Basecoat: Abadon Black
  2. Painting Edges: Xereus Purple
  3. Feathering Part I: Genestealer Purple
  4. Feathering Part II: Ulthan Grey
That's more or less that what was shown at the old White Dwarf back in 2014. I don't like the changes made with the Invasion Swarm Painting Guide (But it's still an awesome book). One of my big ones has the Pallid Wych Flesh as last layer of skin but I don't really like it. I also think you loose a lot of an eyecatcher by not using the feathering-step with Ulthan grey.
GW-Tutorials start with Naggaroth Night on the black carpace and use Genestealer as last step. Bad thing is: you don't see Naggaroth Night on black. And form tabletop distance the grey stripes just stand out.

  1. Basecoat: Abadon Black
  2. Drybrush: Khorne Red
  3. Drybrush: Mephiston Red
  4. Drybrush Edges: Wild Red River
Same here: Guidelines constantly change. I liked the way the claws and swords look with an edge highlight with Firedragon Bright but I sticked (this time) to my traditional Scything Claw schema.

As I learned from painting my Gaunts, I painted the arms seperately. One reason is that I can paint the body easier that way and the other one is, that I don't have to pay so much attention with the brush.

It's not so funny to paint over 30 arms and you notice at the end that you have lost one (!) arm. As always: It's an arm you have no spareparts for. I improvised an arm from a rending claw with "battle damage". Problem solved.

That was all in all the last unit for my Armies on Parade-Board. Maybe I will paint a few gaunts for decoration and mission marker. Depends on how quickly I'll finish the board.

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