Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tau Ghostkeel

A week ago, Flo offered me to build and paint the new Tau Ghostkeel for Warhammer W├╝rzburg.
Tempted to try something new I said yes and here's the result.
Base will be made later at the store to fit with the upcoming Tau-Army.

It's a pretty nice model with a lot of options which I'm not fully aware of because I've never had contact with Tau in any way. I kept the painting pretty basic and used Duncan Rhodes Video, the White Dwarf and the 360° Picture on the GW-Page as template.
I have to admit that the freehands didn't come out as nice as I wished, but Flo's target for me was: Keep it simple.
Fun thing is, that the Tau appear to be white but are actually light grey (Ulthan Grey) with some withe highlights. Still to come: The two drones that acompany the Ghostkeel but I won't finish them today

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