Thursday, 19 November 2015

Do Gaunts squeak? I do!

If you ever wondered what sound gaunts make when the get smacked by an Ork or Space Marine?
Ask the other people in my office!
I made this sound today when I read the message of Florian on my Facebook-Fanpage, the Shop Manager of Warhammer W├╝rzburg.

Well... Dan Harden from White Dwarf posted something on "What's new" which looked pretty familiar to me:
My contribution for Armies on Parade is online with two other pretty impressive displays.
I wasn't sure if it would get online anytime because in the meantime there was Horus Heresy, there's christmas coming and specialist games and so on.

It took a moment to realise: I'm online. From New Zealand to Hawaii. And it feels great

Can it get any better for me? I don't think so...
I'm not at such a good level of painting to get anywhere near a Golden Demon or Crystal Brush. So this beyond awesome!

P.S. It was pretty funny as I entered the shop today and Lena told me, that she actually took a picture of it with her mobile. Achievment unlocked: Feel like a Warhammer-Rockstar! ;)

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