Monday, 2 November 2015

Killteam-Sunday: Blood Angels vs. Orks

If there's a constant in my Warhammer-Universe than it is loosing against my friends Orks.
This time he brought his biker and I tried two configurations to get my first win against him:

One with three terminators and another one as "fast attack" with five assault marines.
So on to three rounds of Killteam - Heralds of the ruin Ruleset.

Round 1 - Last Stand:
I tried to defend against the orks. Five guys fighting at the beginning and four guys being in reserve to support the team.
I was pretty successful with my flamer tactical marine but lost it, when my reserve didn't show up. Not! a! single! one!
At the beginning of round three, he killed one of my tactical marines and the game was lost.
Thank you reserve...


Round 2 - Doomsday Device:
Change of Configuration. This time with my Fast-Attack-Team and my not so glorious "I only shoot with blanks" Sniper Sergeant.
Spoiler-Alert: He didn't improve his reputation.
I had two devices in reach and my friend hat one device in reach. Mine were a fail so I was on my way to the next ones when he rolled the dice for the device and found. So I had an ork with a rocket launcher sitting on the device at the other side of the battlefield.
We had some serious fighting but I couldn't kill his ork from the distance and finally he stole the device.

Round 3 - Doomsday Device:
Rematch! And the dice hate me. He rolled for the first device and hit instantly. Again: Ork sitting on a device at the other end of the battlefield with most of mine (and his) force at the other side.
This time it went pretty well for me: I could shoot down his first ork from the device and draw away his boys with a single melee-Assault-Marine.
After a few rounds I had no chance to reach the device and I think just three units left. He rolled, he stole, he won.


All in all it was a fun afternoon and it's something I miss in the official Games Workshop-Ruleset: Small, fast paced, fun gaming. In the beginning we also tried the official "Killteam"-Rule by GW but with sticking to the units it's by far not that much fun.
I would love to play that in store but I doubt that this is within the companies policy ;)

In the end I'm still waiting for my first win. Maybe I should try AdMech or Tyranids next time.

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