Monday, 16 November 2015

WIP - Skitarii Sicarians Ruststalker

To be honest:
When I started painting my first Sicarian yesterday I wasn't really sure about it.

I didn't like the way the orange basecoat looked. For me it wasn't bright enough. At least not bright enough for what I had in mind for Rzya.

So I washed and highlighted it and added the metallic parts (I forgot that Skitarii have still something like legs in their armor). And I still wasn't sure about it. Until I added the arms and the blades.

I have to admit: It's pretty different. And there are more of these who look even more different: My Pitdroids.

But in the end: Well, he looks nasty. And so is his blade as far as I read the stats.
For the next ones I will glue them to the base first and do the base then. Their legs are pretty fragile and I'm not sure if thick superglue will keep him in place on the sand and the Agrellan Earth.
Hope you like it.
I'm really looking forward for the big ones.

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