Sunday, 13 December 2015

Imperial Knight House Hazamel

I'm entering new Terrain I think.
I'm currently busy building my War Convocation Formation with Ryza.
Along with his Formation comes an Imperial Knight. Or at least one Imperial Knight. For now it looks like I'm having an Errant and a Crusader.
And the main reason why my errant is still unpainted after over a year is the painting schema.
I had no clue how to paint it...
With my Ryza-Army the plan was to keep him in this style.
Well... That was the plan until I started doodling around yesterday, drawing an Icon for "House Hazamel". I ended up with this one and I like it.

Although I'm not sure how to bring it onto my Knight.
I'm missing a "Imperial Knight Coloring Template". Luckily I found a top down template at Deviantart.
It's a first rough draft but I'll think I'll stick with it that way. Maybe some orange stripes in the middle too. Or I'll leave it black as it is described in the Codex and use the orange stripes instead of the yellow ones from the book. I'm not sure so far.
But what do you think?

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