Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ryza Sydonian Dragoon finished

He's finished.
Whoever says painting Skitarii is easy has never painted one of these folks.
Or I've spend to many time on painting details. Who knows...

Interesting thing I noticed while taking pictures:
The Backgroundcolor is really an issue.
Using this black background is pretty dramatic and it really emphasises the organe color.
Grey is not working at all. I've tried it and it just looks dull.
Taking the same pictures with a white background almost makes them look like they came from a catalouge or webshop.

I'm happy with my choice to paint an AdMech-Force.  I'm not so sure about how long it'll take me. I needed over a week of intensiv painting to get this guy done. And I've two more of them.
But let's say something about the model itself.
From my point of view it's one of the most interesting ones in the Warhammer 40 000 range. It stands out because even in a steampunky army like AdMech it's King of Steampunk. And with having this one on my own table, it's the first I get to see in nature. I like the details! I like all the wireing and the cogs and the mechanics.
And I hope this army will really be an eyecatcher.

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