Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Winged Hive Tyrant in Progress

It's my second Hive Tyrant.
This time he has wings, a bonesword and a lashwhip. (And as an "exploit" Scything Talons as I was told by Blight_in_the_Stars on Instagram ;) )

Assembly went pretty well compared to his finecast-friend on christmas. But still a lot of greenstuff on the tail and the carpace on the back.
At least on the tail I couldn't make the seams disappear. So I decided to keep it that way instead of spending hours on sandpaper-work and re-basecoating.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Myth confirmed

Two lessons learned this week:
1. Never say Never!
After a very short moment of resitance I caved in and bought a battle box. I was an a business trip to Berlin an visited the GW-Store Berlin I at the Europa Center.
Björn (I think the Shopmanager) showed and explained to me how to get difficult miniatures into the box. "Victim" was a fully painted Verminlord which worked pretty well without any problems.
So I took the case with me.

2. Back home I confirmed what I already assumed: Not really suitable for Tyranids. Or big Tyranids.

Trygon Prime refused to fit. I put him in like in the picture, turned him around 90°. Rotatet him a lot. Tried to spread the upper foam like the lower one. No effekt.
Because of the oval-shaped base an the slightly twisted upper bodypart it does not fit.
I was once brave enough to close the lid when he was packed like shown and sucked in the air because it was no good feeling to give it a good push to close the lid shut.
I think this was the moment wenn Mr. Trygon was mad at me an decied to throw on of his mouthblades at me. Pushed loose at the joint. Nothing I couldn't fix with a few drops of glue but enough making me not trying it again.
So, test failed. Maybe it works better with round shaped bases.

I think it would have been better if the bottom of the foam things weren't glued to the foam thing. You know, just the zigzag and a seperate bottom. So you can put it around the big guys and make them stand or lie on the lower ones. But this doesn't work. And as someone said on my Instagram-Account there's also no way to put in there a Tyrannofex.

So far so good (Or not...). Let's talk about quality.
As already mentioned before I have an old Battle-Case and some Feldherr-Foam and Battelfoam for Dreadfleet.
If this was a race, new GW Foam would finish last. Someone put my Foams in the box an closed the lid without taking care if it's inside properly. This means: It's already bent (As seen on the lower left corner). And whoever glued them together was in a terrible hurry. It's pretty askew glued together.
The box itself is really sturdy. If you loose the battle you can use it as a weapon on your opponent.
Or, as my colleague says: Looks like you're carrying around a nuclear bomb.

So my conclusion is: It's a great idea but there's plenty room for improvement on the inside.
For my nids it's not the right solution because I will have problems to get my 1200 Points of bugs in this box.
My advice: Go to your store, take your critical miniature(s) with you and test it. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.
And I really would love to see how GW-Staff put a Imperial Knight in there an shut the lid!