Monday, 18 January 2016

Imperial Knight finished!

It's monday night, and he's done.

And sorry: He's just looking great on the pictures!
I really have to admit that I had doubt after I did the weathering yesterday and felt like there's to much chipped paint on the roof. But from the pictures I'm currently just pretty happy.

I just notice, that there's no picture of him from his left side... There's just one with his chainsaw.

It was pretty difficult to shoot, because all my light in my Lighttent comes from above. I really need to find a way to illuminate big guys like him from bellow.

The trouble with the roof disappered. I like the used look. I really wished he would look more metallic like e.g. the Knight on the cover of the new Model Masterclass Book. I'll have to search the web how to achieve this effect. I tried at the shoulders with Clear gloss, but this doesn't work at all.

And even though I'm not really good with lenses and faces it worked out pretty fine this time. Even from pretty close they look "real" (At least to me...)

I'm happy with the result. And to finish I want to show you some kind of a "tourist shot" on an Imperial Knight, but I consider this to be the best picture of a miniature I've taken so far.