Saturday, 16 January 2016

Imperial Knight - WIP 3

Guess what: Still not done!

But it's time for an update after a week of silence.
Sometimes it feels like there's no progress at all. But after adding the first transfers today and finishing the chainsaw it looks almost done.

Theremal Cannon is still not finished. I basecoated the red parts and the metalparts. So it's "only" details and highlights.
I also found a crest for the shoulders. I was a little bit inspired by the Tower mentioned for House Raven.
It's a sun over the dunes of the home planet of House Hazamel (Still no name...). It's not as breathtaking as Richard Gray's Freehands, but...

  • I can explain the symbol easily
  • It's not too fancy so I can paint it pretty quick and easily
  • Still looks good (At least to me...)

I still prefer painting over transfers. Even with a lot of decal soft transfers on round surfaces are a little bit of an adventure.

And then it's down to three to-dos:

  • Transfers
  • Battle Damage
  • Weathering

And because the Imperial Knight was always a giant on the battlefield in my mind, I took picture for size comparison:

He's not that big. I think I really need a Cerastus Knight from Forgeworld who's at least a little bit bigger than the GW one.

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