Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Priority List for 2016

I've played a lot of Diablo 3 the past few days. One of the reasons why I didn't post here as regular as I wished.
While playing D3 I noticed two things:
Meanwhile I prefer painting and playing Warhammer 40k over Videogames. Maybe that's a nerd or age thing, but I've more fun with tiny plastic men (or beasts or bugs) than diving deep into virtual worlds.
I still get heavy beaten up and I still haven't understood all the rules but I don't mind. It's fun playing with other people face to face than sitting face to face with a display. Maybe that's somehow a result of my job as a software developer.
The second thing that came to my mind were the daemons. Wouldn't it be nice to have an army of red Khorne Daemons? I've to admit that I don't like the Chaos Space Marines. If I want to play Space Marines, well, than I've Space Marines. Or at least Blood Angels.
But nice looking red monsters? Why not... Especially with the new "Start Collecting"-Box this would be 65 € for about 500 Points of Daemon Power.
And I already have a Daemon Prince of Khorne.

So, why not?

Well, "why not" is currently three boxes in my Expedit (now Kallax) and a half full GW-Christmastbag of stuff that's waiting to be build. Mostly still shrinkwrapped.
And a whole Allied Detachment of Deathkorps of Krieg (about 600 Points) already primed and ready for painting.
Then there's some terrain that needs to be build and painted. And some desperatly needed support for my Blood Angels. Like some Terminators, a second Tactical Squad (Yes... Previous Codex with Assault as Troops...) and a Landraider.
And then there are the big bugs for my Tyranids. Cthulhu-Nid, Flyer-Nid and Doesn't-Fit-The-Box-Nid.
And of course there is my current project: My AdMech War Convocation Formation. I'm half way done painting my Skitraii Battle Manipel (Still missing the Infiltrators and a Dunecrawler) and haven't started building my Cult Mechanicus. Not to forget my second and third knight.
That's all a "That's why not!" for buying and painting a Daemon-Army.

So priority is as follows for 2016

  • War Convocation with finishing
    • Skitraii Battle Mainpel
    • Cult Mechnicus
    • Adding some extras like extra Ironstrider, extra Dunecrawler, extra Knights, extra robots
  • Painting my Landraider and a Tactical Squad for my Blood Angels
  • Painting my Cthulhu-Nid
  • Painting my DKoKs
  • Painting my Terrain (I've to admit that's a huge part of the three boxes)
And then we might discuss about starting a Khorne Daemonkin Army.
But as a friend said earlier today: There's to much Space Marines at my local Gameshop. Maybe we really need something from the darkside.

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