Sunday, 14 February 2016

Battlereport: Campaign Part I

Second Battlereport this week!
It was Part I of the Campaign at the local Warhammer-Shop.
We started with 1000 Points each and tried to recover an artifact.

Factions were:

  • Iron Warriors
  • Dark Eldar
  • Skitarii (mine)
Because I only had 940 Points of AdMech-Force ready, I decided to reduce my Rangers and Vanguard (No Arquebus) and filled up with an Eversor Assassin.

Everyone started in one corner and at the begining of every turn we rolled to D6 to determine the order.
I was pretty confident with having three units with special rule "dunestrider" granting me +3" for every movment. But I rolled dice and in the end the non-Dunestriders were held up by the fast ones.

At the end of round 2 this was everything I had lost so far (excluding the Hellbrute)

My first casulty was (again) my Dragoon being killed by Dark Eldar without doing anythiny useful. Luckily the Dark Eldar had two Ravagers and two venoms. Say hello you cute litte flying things...

One Ravager got shot down by the Iron Warriors, one was prey for my Dunecrawler. Later one venom got killed by my Infiltrators in Melee with Taser Goads and the other one also met my Dunecrawler which made him MVP for this game.

To be honest, the girl who played the Dark Eldar got them from her boyfriend and had almost no clue about Dark Eldar and the list he gave her wasn't helping very much. So I could chase away her Eldar in Melee and easily kill her last remaining Scourge.
The Iron Warrior grabbed the Objective and ran away. Or at least tried at that moment and faced my lucky dice! Yes, things like that happen...

I hit him twice pretty hard with my Plasma Caliver and killed two of his Terminators in Round 5. My dunestrider refused to die because of rolling sixes at the right moment.

Finally I surrendered after round seven although I didn't have a chance to gain the objective from Round 6 but I wanted to use my Assassin at least once. 
It was a fun game but I think I won't play again with somebody who has a foreign army and almost no clue about the rules in general. That's just tiring.
I'm not sure about next weeks game but with having two games this week I notice something:
Warhammer 40k is not so difficult.
Basic rules are pretty simple and if you know your army a littel you can get used to the special rules pretty easily.
So I'm looking forward to have more orange guys and having more funny matches.

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