Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Battlereport: Skitarii/Blood Angels vs. Black Templar-Style Space Marines

We crossed swords again!
After my legendary loss with my Tyranids against Flo's Space Marines I tried something new.
I took my new Skitraii out for a ride, supported by a few Blood Angels to fill up the 1500 points.

As I said, it was not as bad as the Tyranid-Battle but I lost many victory points to two. I take it the Mythbusters way:
Failure is always an option. My option was to learn about my new guys from Ryza.

Army Review

Let's see how the new guys performed!


Well... Maybe they are pretty good. I can't tell you because they didn't survive long enough. They got hit by a Flamethrower and were gone pretty fast.
I find it also difficult to have four different guns in one sqaud. Shooting at an enemy takes a lot of time.
Nice one: Their rifles have 30" range so I've 3" more for double Firepower... Which is pretty useless at my lucky dice hand.


Saved me my two points for securing objective No. 5 twice (Round 1 and 3). Took a pretty heavy beating from the salvo cannon. But hey: They scored!
Didn't live long enough to show me how good their weapons are.


Not sure what to do with this unit. It's fast, it has a sniper rifle (or a superlarge Taser Lance) and that's it. Didn't score, didn't kill. Maybe it's stronger with two others. But I think Ironstrider will be the better choice.


I feel like these are the Skitarii-Version of  Hormagaunts. They're fast, I've mine with to Transonic blades and they didn't really have an impact in close combat against Space Marines.


Really... How evil is this one? Even with the Anti-Air-Configuration this was a superbad one.
Dangerous and difficult terrain? Who cares? You're shooting at me? Well, I've a nice forcefield. Heavy 5 Rockets?! Even with just snapshots, your're carrying around 4(!) guns at a time with 11 (!!!) shots at your enemy! This, sir... is a monster. And I like him. He stabbed the Dreadnaught in the back. Unfortunatley one round to soon. Otherwise this would have been victory point No. 3

Army and Formation rules

Scout for everyone is nice. Crusader would have been nice, if I had to use it...
I forgot everytime about the Doctrina Imperatives. But I hope I'll remember on Saturday at the Campaign!

So far I like the orange ones even though, the MVP goes to the Assault Squad for eliminating a whole tactical Squad.

Kudos goes to the Black Templar's Librarian who avoided being overrun by my rhino and resisted being killed by a whole tactical Squad in two rounds of close combat!

I think I know some of the weak spots now and I'm trying to close the gap.
I'm really looking forward to field them again!

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