Monday, 1 February 2016

Skitarii Ranger - WIP

I had no problem building, assembling and painting an Imperial Knight in three weeks.
But painting just ten Skitarii Rangers drives me mad. I'm working on these guys for over a week now and it felt like now progress at all.
I spend almost the whole weekend painting and didn't have the feeling to be anywhere near the finishline.
They almost look the same like when I started painting the coats

That didn't change with painting all the little tubes, details and weapons. The orange coat is just too dominant.
For the bases I used too much glue so they are thicker than I like them. Those Rangers better hide well because I don't like them so far. To be honest this is not my best work so far.

I hope they will come out pretty nice in the end because not everything is bad. I really like the color gradient at the coat. I tried something like that before but this time it seemed to work. So not everything is bad.
And, with finishing these guys, I've unlocked Achievement "Skitarii Maniple". Next Achievement is called "Skitarii Battle Maniple".

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