Friday, 12 February 2016

Speedpainting Warhammer 40k

Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing one of these Videos like Teri Litrico does on Gaunts.
No, it's more about a sentence I often hear at my local Warhammer-Shop
Man, you're maybe the most active painter around here when it comes to finishing armies.

I'm not sure if this is true but I've reasons for getting things finished.
First of all... My backlist. I wrote about it and it's not getting smaller somehow. Maybe I bought some new stuff. And maybe someone bought a Getting Started-Box for a new army... But just maybe!
Back to topic...
Having so much to paint is the psychological aspect of painting a lot. I know... I'll never reach the point of "Having nothing to paint". And if I do so, I definitly need a bigger apartment. So that's mor like a "I'm working on it..." thing.

More important are other aspects. Like that I like to play. I love playing Warhammer 40k although I'm a bad player. And so I need an army. Just primed doesn't work for me for two reasons.
One is that I don't glue and paint afterwards. So there would always be the danger that my unit is loosing an arm or a head because of bluetack.
The other one: I don't play with an unpainted or just primed army. I want to have a nice looking army on the table. So one of my biggest motiviations is a match like the upcoming campaign. I need 1000 points so I've to finish my Infiltrators. Or not so long ago a Squad of Terminators.
They're maybe not completly at my personal painting level of satisfaction but they're fully painted.
The other big motiviation like that are competitions. Painting for a deadline. Works good. I saw it last year when I painted for Armies on Parade.

So, sit down and get stuff done. That's all!

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