Friday, 25 March 2016

Battlereport: 1500 Points AdMech vs Chaos Space Marines

I think I'm doing something horrbily wrong!
Last night I played with my combined Skitarii and Cult-Force against 1500 Points of Chaos Space Marines.
And I lost.

So there must be something wrong with my tactics.
I ended up with no forces left in Round 5 I think.

I had a good start and my opponent had a lot of respect for my tracked grav guns. He even tried to hide his landraider behind a building.
He had the first turn an pretty much decimated my Skitraii Rangers to nothing. His try to kill my Dunecrawler with two direct hits from lasguns ended in my beloved forcefield. Can't belive I rolled two sixes.

In my turn I lost my Infiltrators in close combat and noticed one problem: Space Marine Armor! And his Warpsmith.
He rolled pretty well on saves and so his losses were not so severe. His main goal was to take out my Katahprons and he tried hard for five melee rounds to bring down my Dragoon.
He also managed to kill my Dunecrawler in Round 2.
Okay, one tactical mistake was maybe blocking my close combat specialists. My Kataphron Destroyers were blocked behind the Kastelans and couldn't get into close combat quick enough.

Anyway it was a fun match and lasted for almost three hours.
I learned a lot again and my loosing streak is still intact.

I defintly need another bunch of Kastelans and I think I'll go with the Electro-Priests even though I think they don't look that good. But I need more diversity. And more punch. One thing to gain more punch will be another weapon for the Dunecrawler to punch holes. Big holes!

And now I prepare for Sunday when I get visited by a Kult of Speed.

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