Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Happy Easter Battle! Cult Mechnicus vs. Orks

Second part of my Happy Easter Battle!
This time we played 750 Points of Cult Mechnicus vs. Orks which meant:
10 Models on my side vs. 19 bikes and buggys on the other side.
We decided to roll for missions and ended up with the mission with the hidden points (I don't know the english name...)

Lucky me: Bonus points for killing fast attack units which my Cult doesn't have.

My orkish friend had the first turn and before I could say "Omissiah", my Kataphron Destroyers were gone. I can't understand that everyone is affraid of Grav-Guns.
Well, to some point this was also my bad: I've th accept that these guys are long range units even though they look bulky and keep them in second or third row.

Well... they were gone und his rocket buggies gave me a heavy beating.
In my round I could get some kills with my Breachers and my Kastelans but rolled horrilble like always. And he save pretty well...
My prediction was that the game would be done by round two but luckily I was wrong.

Round 2 was mainly about melee and I still had some units left. My breachers were attacked by his bikes and rolled unbelivable for defensive fire this time. The last biker attacking my unit ended up in an hydraulic claw, loosing his head.

On the other hand I lost my TechPriest. Still not sure how to use this unit.

In my second round I managed to claw down two of his rocket buggies with my Breachers which earn the MVP-Title for this match. And my only two points.

Round three ended with loosing my last Kastelan in close combat for rolling bad again. And his army chasing my remaining two Kataphrons. I rolled bad again and didn't kill anything spectacular.

Round four endend in with two dying Katahropns.

It was, again a very funny match. This time I didn't block my own units but I've to keep in mind that Destroyers have a pretty decent range and to keep them out of sight. I also saw that I could use up to twelve (I think) Kataphrons in one squad. Which means, by using grav gun stationary, 72 shots in one round with one unit which sounds like fun for me.

After two games I'm al little bit disappointed that the pretty expensive Kastelans (305 Points) don't have as much punch as I thought. I'll keep an eye on that and maybe it's really a good choice to replace them with more Kataphrons.
So far I'm looking forward for the matches to come.

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