Thursday, 24 March 2016

One evening paint: Imperial Bunker

I had it sitting on my shelf since Armies on Parade.
The Bunker didn't fit into the scenery so it stayed unpainted until yesterday.

I'm really not big fan ob painting scenery but this one seemed makeable in not so much time. Also it was not orange which is a big plus after the last few month.
So painting the bunker from primed black to fully painted took me about three hours and included no magic.

This is what I did:


In this order:

Concrete: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Metal: Leadbelcher
Skull with wings: Warplock Bronze
Stuff(Boxes, Helmets): Castellan Green
Bones: Rakarth Flesh


Concrete: Nuln Oil
Metal: Nuln Oil and spots of Agrax Earthshade
Skull with wings: Agrax Earthshade
Stuff(Boxes, Helmets): Athonian Camoshade
Bones: Seraphim Sepia

I also mixed some spots of Athonian to the Metal and Concrete-Parts


I kept it simple and mostly drybrushed the parts.

Concrete: Dawnstone and Administratum Grey
Metal: Ironbreaker
Skull with wings: Brass Scorpion and Runelord Brass
Stuff(Boxes, Helmets): Straken Green and Nurgling Green
Bones: Ushabti Bone and Pallid Wych Flesh


I kept the details and weathering to a minimum. In the end it's "just" scenery.

Dirt: Typhus Corrosion
I used the wash brush to apply it to the roof and used an old large drybrush to stipple it to the bottom of the building and the doorsteps. I drybrushed some areas very lightly with Runefang Steel.

Rust: Ryza Rust
This time I used Ryza Rust instead of the powder from Tamiya. I used very little on the whole building.

Blood: Blood for the Bloodgod
Bloodstains. I added a big spot on the roof like someone was dragged away or crawled away and tried to add a bloody hand to one of the door. Well, it's obviously a xeno-hand ;)

And that's it.
Three hours. Very limited number of paints. Was fun and a good practice for the trenches

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