Saturday, 30 April 2016

Leman Russ Battledamage Testtank

A while ago I bought a Rhino for testing battledamage and other "destructive" things. Things you don't necissarily want to do the first time on, let's say, a ForgeWorld Knight.
Until now I haven't build this Rhino but I got my hands on Games Workshops "How to paint a Citadel Tank" which is really awesome material next to ForgeWorlds Model Masterclass books.
And I had this Leman Russ standing around as first tank for my Death Korps of Krieg Army.
So the Leman Russ got promoted to "Sgt. Testtank".

Monday, 25 April 2016

Tales of Dead Earth - Painting Arzakh

And on we go with the second member of the fourheaded Tales of Dead Earth-Squad.
Undead but not un-bad SpaceZombie Arzakh.
I'm really a big fan of Krika's Undead Spaceguys. That's why we have a big framed print of another dead Astronauts hanging in our hallway. Yes, we're THAT kind of nerdy!
But back to topic.

I did a little research about Spacesuits and stuff like that and ended up with one of my favorite movies: Mars Attacks.
So Arzakh got a blue suit like the martians. He also got white gloves and a white cap. To make him easier to find he has a orange collar.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tales of Dead Earth - Painting Gasmask

Seems like I'm a pretty lucky guy when it comes to limited miniature-things.
I'm not just owner of Index Astartes - Apocrypha, no I also preorderd one of just 50 boxes with metal minitures designed for the comic-series "Tales of Dead Earth" by the local artist Christan Krank.
And, to be even more lucky, thanks to Gerd form Comicdealer I got box number 5 of 50 way befor official release in May.

Ein von Flo (@hazamel) gepostetes Foto am

To show you that there's no magic inside, I'll do a little tutorial on each of the miniatures. Today I'll start with Gasmask.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Skitarii Ironstrider

So this is the last Skitarii before my little Tales Of Dead Earth break.

From the latest results I could tell that the Dragoon with rifle isn't that successful on the battlefield. So I decided to "speedpaint" an Ironstrider for the big battle on Saturday.

I was pretty surprised that I ended up with 74 likes on Instagram for my inital idea of basedesign.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Feast of Fluff Results

Finally the results of the Feast of Fluff Contest are here!
For those not wanting to read so much: I didn't win anything.

This was my fault, because it seems that I misread the terms. Instead of describing my custom House Hazamel I wrote Fluff about Sir Gordon of House Hazamel.
At least I painted my well-known knight right.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


The competion is closed and I sent in my entry just in time.
So time to share how I want to win a Titan.

Stroy was limited to 400 words and I ended up closer to 500 in my first draft. I had to leave out some details and foucs on the main elements:

Name of my Titan: Princeps Hazamel „The Wizard“
House Hazamel was founded back in the medieval times of old Terra by a mighty wizard called Hazamel. Ever since the leader of the house was called Hazamel. This continued even deep into the 41th century.
The current princeps got his name „The Wizard“ during a mission on Graxor, a small and hostile planet at the edge of the universe. They were sent here with an exploration force from Ryza to find a missing artefact. The task of House Hazamel was to scout the area for enemies.
During this mission they reached an area that looked like a lake that had dried long time ago. Hazamel started to cross it, flanked by two other titans at the shore to both sides. He didn’t notice the cracks in the ground that kept growing bigger with every step he made.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ryza Picture Update

First of all:
I don't know why Blogger is eating anonymus comments. I'm really sorry! I'm sure they are in a parallel dimension together with the lost socks from the washing machine!

Second: I had some time today to take some more pictures of some of my Ryza-Army-Models. Haven't done this with a neutral background as far as I see. So here is the Dunecrawler, some of my Kataphrons, my Kastelans and the TechPriest.
Have fun!