Saturday, 9 April 2016

Feast of Fluff Results

Finally the results of the Feast of Fluff Contest are here!
For those not wanting to read so much: I didn't win anything.

This was my fault, because it seems that I misread the terms. Instead of describing my custom House Hazamel I wrote Fluff about Sir Gordon of House Hazamel.
At least I painted my well-known knight right.

And because VarianceHammer just published the winner I'll publish mine and Dirks contribution here.

I'm not a bad looser, so don't get the following things wrong ;)

First of all I had a lot of fun writing and painting. I've a fully painted knight now and some background for my knightly household.
If there's a new one next year I've a few suggestions:

  • Limit the size of the contribution! Not on the lower end, on the upper end. It's much harder to get to the point if you have a certain number of words available and not "at least 2000 words". Also it makes the contributions more comparable (and saves time) if you don't have some with 46 pages and some with barely 6.
  • Communicate! This is the internet and this is all about communication. Keep your contestants up to date. Between the deadline and the result there was almost no information about what's going on. For weeks.
  • Keep your deadline! Or make it last longer from the beginning! They extended the deadline a week before the original one with the option to re-do your contribution. Might work a little with writing but not with painting
  • Publish all contributions. I know you promised to do so yesterday in the comments but nothing happend so far. And don't say something like "While we don’t have room to post all the entries" when you're posting endless on statistics about tournamentlists. People put time, creativity and certainly money into their contributions so give them a little credit and show their work. And not just because people are asking for it in the comments.
So, on the next one

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