Saturday, 30 April 2016

Leman Russ Battledamage Testtank

A while ago I bought a Rhino for testing battledamage and other "destructive" things. Things you don't necissarily want to do the first time on, let's say, a ForgeWorld Knight.
Until now I haven't build this Rhino but I got my hands on Games Workshops "How to paint a Citadel Tank" which is really awesome material next to ForgeWorlds Model Masterclass books.
And I had this Leman Russ standing around as first tank for my Death Korps of Krieg Army.
So the Leman Russ got promoted to "Sgt. Testtank".

He got a pretty rough treatment. I drilled holes into to turret for Bolterfire. And different sized holes on the other side to simulate a Tyranid venom attack. Thanks to Instagram I got some pretty good hints how to improve the venom attack the next time.

I also used my hobby knife to add damage on the bodyworks. The tank hit some rocks (or other things...)

I also made a camonet from a bandage.
From this point it was pretty clear that this wouldn't just be a "testtank" instead it was a test to see how far I can go with a kind of showcase model.
I also made my own mud from paint, sand, watered PVA-Glue und Modelwater and added it to the tracks like it just went through the mud.
This didn't work out as much as I wanted it so I added some pigments after it dried and a touch of modelwater to make it look wet.
Finally I added the usual wear and tear and a spare backpack from Death Korps. I also attached a roll so razorwire made from drilled coper.
Final result looks like this:

I wasn't that happy with the inital result of the Tryanid spit so I improved it by mixing Nurgle's Rot and Modelwater.

It was fun to paint but I'm sure this will not be my futur standard of "tabletop Standard".
Things still untested: Camoflage Patterns! I was done painting it when I thought about it. Will do this next time.
I also not sure if I go with green for my DKoK-Army. Maybe I will do a Desert- or Snow-Themed DKoK.

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