Thursday, 14 April 2016

Skitarii Ironstrider

So this is the last Skitarii before my little Tales Of Dead Earth break.

From the latest results I could tell that the Dragoon with rifle isn't that successful on the battlefield. So I decided to "speedpaint" an Ironstrider for the big battle on Saturday.

I was pretty surprised that I ended up with 74 likes on Instagram for my inital idea of basedesign.

The final result of this little thing looks like this

I tried something new on this one and painted the shield and the cover of the exhaust like real shiny metal. I used at least two layers of Tamiya Chrome Silver and several thin layers of Tamiya Clear Red. Biggest Problem: Sealing. I couldn't put them on an seal the whole model with Purity Seal. Instead I used a shiny clear coat and put it on by hand, sealed the model with Purity Seal and then put it all together.
Worked pretty good and I like the way it looks. I wished I had been bold enough to do the same with the shields on the legs. Next time...

Hope you like it.

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