Monday, 25 April 2016

Tales of Dead Earth - Painting Arzakh

And on we go with the second member of the fourheaded Tales of Dead Earth-Squad.
Undead but not un-bad SpaceZombie Arzakh.
I'm really a big fan of Krika's Undead Spaceguys. That's why we have a big framed print of another dead Astronauts hanging in our hallway. Yes, we're THAT kind of nerdy!
But back to topic.

I did a little research about Spacesuits and stuff like that and ended up with one of my favorite movies: Mars Attacks.
So Arzakh got a blue suit like the martians. He also got white gloves and a white cap. To make him easier to find he has a orange collar.


The Suit was the first thing I painted because it's the biggest part of the miniature and the messiest.
I started of with a Stegadon Scale Green basecoat, heavily washed the Coelia Camoshade. After that I brushed to layers of Sotek Green and a (very!) careful layer of Temple Guard Blue as Highlight.
Maybe he can use a layer of Guilliman Blue as Glaze on top.

Gloves and Cap

To get the Gloves and Cap creamy white I basecoated them with Rakarth Flesh, washed them with Reikland Fleshshade and added Flayed One Flesh and Palid Wych Flesh as layers.


He's undead... so give him an unhealthy facecolor. I decided to go with my receipe I use for my servitors and started with Rakarth Flesh, added some Athonian Camoshade for the unhealthy look followed by Krieg Khaki and finally some Palid Wych Flesh.
For the eyes I used the same as for the lenses of Gasmask.


Yeah... Orange again! Standard-Skitarii-Ryza-Pattern:
Basecoat: Jokaero Orange
Wash: Fuegan Orange
Layer 1: Troll Slayer Orange
Layer 2: Fire Dragon Bright
I've used these colors so often the last month, that I almost dream in these colors.


I didn't do anything new on the metal-stuff and the grey boots. That's the same as with Gasmask. You can look it up there if you want.

I really like this minuature. It's so... strange. And nothing like anything else I've painted so far. I'm really looking forward to see other versions of him,

So it's two down... Two to go.

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