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Tales of Dead Earth - Painting Gasmask

Seems like I'm a pretty lucky guy when it comes to limited miniature-things.
I'm not just owner of Index Astartes - Apocrypha, no I also preorderd one of just 50 boxes with metal minitures designed for the comic-series "Tales of Dead Earth" by the local artist Christan Krank.
And, to be even more lucky, thanks to Gerd form Comicdealer I got box number 5 of 50 way befor official release in May.

Ein von Flo (@hazamel) gepostetes Foto am

To show you that there's no magic inside, I'll do a little tutorial on each of the miniatures. Today I'll start with Gasmask.

First I cleaned the guy with dish soap and a toothbrush and then primed them all black.

For Gasmask I decided to go with a military green jumpsuit, grey vest and gasmask and red shoulders. The bags are a little bit of a mixture of all.


I used Castellan Green as basecolor followed by good wash with Athonian Camoshade. It's important to let dry completly before you move on. Next step was a gentle brushing with Loren Forest. You don't need much paint. It's just to highlight the wrinkles. Final highlight was applied with Straken Green. Even less paint and less pressure. That's it... Jumpsuit done.


The vest is as simple as the Jumpsuit. I started with Skavenblight Dinge as a very dark grey and gave it a wash with Nuln Oil. As last step I drybrushed it very lightly with Stormvermin Fur. Vest done. Quick thing because it was already black.


What would a figure named Gasmask be without his gasmask?
To vary a little bit, I decided not to go with green again and use a lighter grey than the vest. I had polish or russian gasmask from the 70s and 80s in mind.
I started with Mechanicum Standard Grey, gave it a wash with Nuln Oil and then again did a light drybrush with Dawnstone and a final highlight with Administratum Grey. Be careful with the last one. It's pretty bright and so be sure just to use it very careful and not so much of it.
The "ears" were painted with Leadbelcher, washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Ironbreaker. Simply the 101 of "How to paint metal in Warhammer 40k".


Together with the gasmask I did the lenses. As basecolor I used Mephiston Red and applied a wash with Carroburg Crimson. After it dried I painted a little spot in Evil Sun Scarlet and put on a final highlight with Fire Dragon Bright go give it a glowing look. After sealing it (Yes, it's metal! You want to do this...) I'll give it a thin layer with a glossy clear paint like Revell's AquaColor 01.


I painted three kinds of bags: Grey bags the way I did the Gasmask.
Brown Bags were basecoated with Mournfang Brown, got a solid wash with Agrax Earthshade and finally some quick brushstripes Skrag brown.
The green bags are painted a little different than the jumpsuit. Basecolor and wash are the same but then I highlighted with Straken Green and Nurgling Green to get them brighter.


Just green or grey shoulders looked boring to me, so I decidede to go for red. Khorne Red is the basecolor with a wash of Carroburg Crimson. To give it a little highlight, I used some Wazdakka Red.


For the boots and the belt I used Rhinox Hide as basecolor for a dark leather, then washed it with Agrax Earthshade and added so stripes Doombull Brown as highlight.


I left the gun mainly black with some highlights in Dawnstone to give it a used look. For the barrel I used Warplock Bronze, a good wash with Agrax Earthshade and two carefule layers of Brass Scoripion and Runelord Brass.
This is maybe the only point of the miniature where I didn't stick with "Keep it simple!".
I used Caledor Sky, Baharroth Blue and tip with White Scar to give it a glowing muzzle. I also used Nihilakh Oxide in the grooves. But that's no must, just insanity!


What's left?
The base... Also pretty simple: Khorne Red and Agrellan Earth.
Makes a final result that looks like this

Nice but not to fancy. Estimated time of painting: two to three hours with taking pictures and watching paint dry.

Coming next: Spacezombie!

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