Wednesday, 6 April 2016


The competion is closed and I sent in my entry just in time.
So time to share how I want to win a Titan.

Stroy was limited to 400 words and I ended up closer to 500 in my first draft. I had to leave out some details and foucs on the main elements:

Name of my Titan: Princeps Hazamel „The Wizard“
House Hazamel was founded back in the medieval times of old Terra by a mighty wizard called Hazamel. Ever since the leader of the house was called Hazamel. This continued even deep into the 41th century.
The current princeps got his name „The Wizard“ during a mission on Graxor, a small and hostile planet at the edge of the universe. They were sent here with an exploration force from Ryza to find a missing artefact. The task of House Hazamel was to scout the area for enemies.
During this mission they reached an area that looked like a lake that had dried long time ago. Hazamel started to cross it, flanked by two other titans at the shore to both sides. He didn’t notice the cracks in the ground that kept growing bigger with every step he made.

And suddenly a whole titan disappeared from the surface of a planet. Where he had been only a big cloud of dust hung in the air. As the dust settled a big hole in the middle of the lake became visible. The other ones at the shore didn’t dare to move any foot more, waiting for any sign of their lost princeps.Very tense seconds later they received binary curses like they had never heard before which could be located far beyond the surface.
This wasn’t a dried out lake. This was some kind of volcano and what they thought was the lakebed was nothing than the thin roof of a huge cave that cracked when the princeps walked over it.
He ordered them to stay where they are. It took a while (and a lot of curses) until a second cloud of dust appeared near the shore. This time originated by the huge fist of the princeps who fought his way out of the cave like a chick through the eggshell. He had changed.
He was covered with slime and had a certain aura of breathtaking smell around him that sensors refused to work immediately. This cave was nothing else like an elephants graveyard for Tyranids. And he had just dived deep into it.
Later no one dared to talk about what happened in public. But on the quiet everybody called him “The Wizard” because he disappeared suddenly and reappeared somewhere else in a big cloud. A big cloud of rotten smell he never got rid of.

We'll see what happens. I really hope it's good enough to win a titan (even a small one). My girlfriends not so amused about the idea of having a huge block of resin standing around at our apartment.
By the way... I'm still waiting for the results of Variancehammer's competition. Still no sign or noticebale updates.

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