Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Need to paint more

For those who know me this might seem a little odd:
I need to paint more!
After having finished my AdMech-Force I slowed down a little in terms of painting.
This wasn't so bad beacuse I tried a few things and did something completly different.
Unfortunately my favorite geek-supplier announced that he's clearing of all the Games Workshop stuff with a nice discount which ended in a shopping frenzy for me, that will save me from buying new boxes for the next month years.
This contains stocking up on
  • Terrain
  • Blood Angels Stuff
  • Tyranid Warriors
  • a *cough* sixth *cough* Imperial Knight
And yes a whole Cadian Defense Force to testpaint cheap models for my good Deathkorps of Krieg ones.

And because I was such a bad boy, I sat down and started to finish my Landraider Redeemer.

Yes, I need more mobility to drive around my Terminators. And yes, I also need more firepower to toast some of the Orks I'm facing from time to time. I hope to finish the interiour soon.

I'll keep it simple but I'll do some details. Just in case someone takes a look up the ramp.
I also switched the flamer from back to front. No Space Marine is stupid enough to exit a fighting vehicle in front of a big bad flamer like it is shown on the box. But I thing someone at GW noticed this little flaw and the product picture online also got it the other way round.
Rulewise it would also be very dumb because you can't use the flamer when one of your men is standing right in front of it. I bet they did that rule just to annoy those players who build it like it's shown in the manual.
Maybe I'll also use some of my new battledamage experience. We'll see.

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