Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tales of Dead Earth - Painting V2 Schneider

Part 3 of my Tales of Dead Earth-Series!
This time I'm showing how I painted the android V2 Schneider.

As reference I got a painting from Christian to match the colors he had in mind for Schneider.


Hey, he's an android! So why not give him chrome legs?
For this I used Tamiya's Chrome Silver in a lot of thin layers. That's it!


The Jacket at the drawing has a bluegreen color.
To achive this I used Incubi Darkness, washed it with Coelia Greenshade and drybrushed it with Kabalite Green and Sybarite Green. Greenish stuff done. I also did the same thing with the hair.
The hem was painted with Averland sunset and a careful brushing with Yriel Yellow.


His pants were basecoated with Steel Legion Drab, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and drybrushed with Tallarn Sand and Karak Stone. I think this matches the drawing best.


There were no real directions for the colors of the body so I used the same colors I used for painting the Spacesuit of Arzahk.


The gun got the chrome treatment like the legs. For the "muzzel" I used Tamiya's Clear Red. And yes, it looks a little bit like a strawberry.


"Artificial, rubber skin" was Christians Wish for the skin. I hope I granted this wish by painting it like Arzakhk's gloves.


The flash over the left eye is pretty important as I was told. So I painted it with Evil Sunz Scarlet. No, even in all my madness: I didn't outline it!

And that's it. Again: No magic here! Just a lot of drybrushing!

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