Thursday, 16 June 2016

Let's talk about goals...

It's a rather funny coincident that I talked to a friend about having goals to be motivated to paint a few days ago.
We both have more or less completed armies so the only thing that urges us to paint is to try something new or to get rid of the horrible backlog on our shelf.
I feel a little unmotivated since I finished my AdMech-Army and had no real reason to dive into building and painting since back then. I'm done.
Well... as done as you can be.
We already thought about planning a match to paint a little more.

Entry Games Workshop!

At least for me this has changed today when I read about the global Age Of Sigmar Campaign starting an July 14th.
A good reason to get this little box from my shelf and start giving my already painted Daemon Prince of Khorne an army.
I've about a month to do so. That's what you call a goal.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Something completly different: AoS Liberator

I hab him since he was published with the White Dwarf last year. And while I was waiting for my Zombicide-Knights to dry, I started painting the Liberator. Mainly out of curiosity how metallic red armor will look like. And to give the Vallejo Crackle Medium a try.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lack of motivation

I've to admit that I have a certain lack of motivation at the moment.
After I finished the AdMech and my Landraider I slowed down painting pretty much. So this Whirlwind is sitting on my desk for way to long time and I've no idea how to give him a special look.
It'll be clearly no masterpiece in the end.
I just hope to finish him soon and in style before moving on to new projects with (hopefully) more engagement.

I'm thinking on doing a few small freehands on the sides, weathering a little. It's an artillery tank so I'll keep damage to a minimum.
You'll see where I end up. But I'm still woriking on it ;)

Saturday, 4 June 2016

New large base kit

Games Workshop is doing bases!
I was really looking forward to get those when I read about them. I don't need the cityscape ones but I can use those in the large base detail kit pretty good.

Usually I use spare pieces of the buildings for that and nothing else is this kit. And there's really a lot in the four sprues