Thursday, 16 June 2016

Let's talk about goals...

It's a rather funny coincident that I talked to a friend about having goals to be motivated to paint a few days ago.
We both have more or less completed armies so the only thing that urges us to paint is to try something new or to get rid of the horrible backlog on our shelf.
I feel a little unmotivated since I finished my AdMech-Army and had no real reason to dive into building and painting since back then. I'm done.
Well... as done as you can be.
We already thought about planning a match to paint a little more.

Entry Games Workshop!

At least for me this has changed today when I read about the global Age Of Sigmar Campaign starting an July 14th.
A good reason to get this little box from my shelf and start giving my already painted Daemon Prince of Khorne an army.
I've about a month to do so. That's what you call a goal.

I started with the Bloodletters and I already know why they are called Bloodletters. These little buggers have more pointy ends than my whole Tyranid Army and I guess I touched every single one of them.

Assembled them today and will prime and basecoat them tomorrow. But I guess these are the easy ones.
I'll keep you updated!

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