Saturday, 4 June 2016

New large base kit

Games Workshop is doing bases!
I was really looking forward to get those when I read about them. I don't need the cityscape ones but I can use those in the large base detail kit pretty good.

Usually I use spare pieces of the buildings for that and nothing else is this kit. And there's really a lot in the four sprues

Spikey Bits did a video review on them on YouTube

Unfortunately his critic about the missing details hit me as well. They're really not as crisp as you might know them from buildings or other models.
Mine are also kind of washed out and looking like someone used a lighter on them or too much basecoat.

But it's okay I think. I see them as pretty used and will burry them under snow, gravel and sand anyway. So I'm looking forward to use them. And about the price: There's nothing wrong with getting four sprues for 26 €. If I get it right, there are 72 pieces. So they are allowed to look cheap ;)

I'll keep you updated as I use them on one of my models.

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