Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Something completly different: AoS Liberator

I hab him since he was published with the White Dwarf last year. And while I was waiting for my Zombicide-Knights to dry, I started painting the Liberator. Mainly out of curiosity how metallic red armor will look like. And to give the Vallejo Crackle Medium a try.

So I started of with painting the Liberator in Tamiya Chrome and the shield in yellow. Tamiya paints teach you patience! Very very much patience.
I don't know if this is a thing of Chrome and Clear Red but you really have to wait until it's bonedry before you can go on with the next layer. Otherwise you smudge the layer.
On the other hand: I had enough time to play with Crackle Medium. There's just vague instruction how to use it except that you should avoid shaking it (which I did before I read it...). I applied it on the shield and waited for it to dry and show cracks. After a while it looked dry and I wanted to paint it with Khorne Red but infact it wasn't. Patience again.
I think it's the best thing to let it rest over night.
It's not exactly the effect I wanted to get but it still looks like aged and used wood. That's okay for me.
But back to Strawberry Liberator.

All in all I applied three layers of Clear Red and Brass for the highlights of the armor.
He really looks great and I really like the Clear Red much more than the new GW-Gemstone color. For comparision I used this one on the beltbuckle.

It's not anywhere as strong as the clear red.
I think he looks nice and with the metal armor he's an eyecatcher on the battlefield. But I assume that this effect wears off when used to often. I'm sure I'll not do a Chromecrawler for my Skitarii

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