Saturday, 16 July 2016

I am Slaugther

I've been on the road the last few days so I did some reading instead of painting. Before I left I loaded my trusty eBook-Reader with "I am Slaughter" by Dan Abnett.
There have been a lot of discussions about the new Series in local Warhammer-Store but I wanted to give it a try.

For Terra!

Nearly all of the Imperial Fist are sent to a small planet six weeks traveltime from earth to fight a Xenos-race called "Chromes". While I read the book I always had shiny Nids in mind.
This easy job goes south pretty fast and the rest of the Fists is called for help from Terra. As far as I understood each and every Fist is on this planet which has suddenly to fight with gravity problems... and a much bigger evil than shiny nids.

For the opinion!

I liked the story, I got sucked in pretty quick and couldn't stop reading. It has a lot of pretty short chapters so you could stop easily if you want to but I wanted to know how this all develops. Great to read. Some mentioned that it's totally unrealistic to send a whole chapter into a fight and kill it. Well, I don't think so. There are certain pretty clear statements in the books why they did so. And compared to our reality (At least here in Germany) there are a lot of people today who question why we still need an army in times of peace and while we're surrounded by friends. It's pretty much the same in the book. So no hope that mankind will change the next few thousand years.

For... much money!

I bought the eBook-Version because of some reasons

The Price

Yes, the printed book has some hardcoverish design. So I would be okay to pay 17 €, but...

The Content

238 pages reads great if you haven't looked HOW those 238 pages are printed. Like a childrens book for reading beginners. With lots of white space. Seriously? If someone at the university or my job showed me something like this, I would assume he hasn't much to say and needs to fill a certain amount of pages. I guess, that's why the other ones are now shrinkwrapped.

The eBook

... is even worse. 13,49 € and says about 180 pages. But for real it's only 160. The rest is an extract of another book. Great job Black Library. Compared to a pretty famous series of books in Germany called Perry Rhodan NEO with about 160 pages per book and only 3 € a book this is supersupersuper-expensive.

For... a better translation!

Sorry, but the german translation is so bad that there's not even a word for how bad it is. They translated the names word by word and I guess many of the bad reviews for the german book have their origin in this unbelivable bad translation. Like someone at Black Library just used the Google Translator. That's really disappointing. So you have a printed book for 17 € with a pretty short story which is badly translated. Hurray! I guess this will sell great.

So GW or BL or whoever:

Step 1: Think about the pricing! It's totally okay to sell something like this as a paperback. I don't think that anybody will read this a second time.
Step 2: Improve the translation!
Step 3: I think I'll wait for an english omnibus ;)

For all the others: Enjoy it! I liked the kickoff of the story so far (It's nothing more than that...) and I'll think I'll also enjoy the second one as well.

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