Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My very first (and second) Game of Age Of Sigmar

When Age Of Sigmar came out last year I only took a quick look and decided that this is nothing for me and continued painting my Warhammer 40k-Stuff. Until some time at the beginning of this year when I bought the "Start Collecting - Daemons of Khorne"-Box.
Because I like Diablo 3 and I really like the idea of playing one army for AoS and 40k. The box sat on my shelf for a while until I heard about the global Campaign. The rest is history of this blog.
Fast forward to yesterday when I played my first game of Age of Sigmar that wasn't a demo-match.

Death vs. Chaos/Order-Team

As mad as it sounds this was the only way to find a solution to our nice threesome yesterday.
I teamed up with order to defeat Death.

..which ended in a terrible defeat for Team "Good Guys".
Why that?
Well... Even with the new competitive system added and points for each unit, AoS is far from balanced.
Fighting against King Vlagorescu's Ghoulish Host was truly a horror. Ghoul King on a Terrorgheist which cannot die (Well, he can, after he suffered 28(!) wounds. Not counting the healing wounds...) is pretty much unbeatable. And even more unbeatable if you're playing a Khorne-army which hates magic vs. an army with three mages. So we went down pretty quickly.

For that kind of match I need my alreay primed Khorne-Dogs, a Kranak or a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster. Those are, as far as I see, the only three units that can block magic for the Daemons.

Chaos vs. Order

The second match was my Chaos against the shopmanagers Order.
I didn't win, but it was far more balanced. I might have killed one more unit in the end but made a terrible mistake mixing up my unit rules.

So far I like Age of Sigmar although it's really pretty much Warhammer40k-ish. I don't know the old rules but apart from the melee-phase. It's Warhammer40k for me. With swords and axes. And from what I've seen so far everything ends up in this phase. There long range units are pretty rare.
I like my Khorne-Army so far because it has some nice extra rules. But, for the lack of magic, I'll spice it up with some slaves to darkness. And more Bloodletters!

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