Friday, 1 July 2016

WIP - Building a Khorne Army #1

Long time no update.
I've been busy trying to reach my goal to have a Khorne Army by July 14th.
Last thing I showed you here were some pretty grey Bloodletters.
But I've been diligent since that.
My Bloodletters are done.

I did the bases like they're described here and they came out pretty nice. It's really tricky to hit the right moment for adding the black paint.

 For the Hellblades I just did some drybrushing with reds and finsihed it with a red glaze zu give it a reddish overall look.

So the final result (yes, I painted the rim of the bases black afterwards) is a pretty darkred bunch of Bloodletters standing on volcanic bases.
Next up will be the Skull Cannon and finally the Bloodcrushers. I really hope to finish my army in time.

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