Monday, 4 July 2016

WIP - Building a Khorne Army #2

Comparing the stats of the Skullcannon and the Bloodthrone both are pretty equal.
But never underestimate the power of a ranged weapon. That's one thing I learned from playing Warhammer 40k.
For painting the Skullcannon I had the "great" idea to give it an outstanding look. I painted I metallic and clear red.

 I was the first time I used Tamiya Chrome with my airbrush and I worked pretty nicely. Not spectacular "I can see my face"-Chrome but nicely.

And if you break it down to all the parts the Skullcannon has not so much of it:

So: Clear Red. I was really in doubt after painting the first layer if this will look as good as I thought. I came out brighter than I thought. Maybe next time I use a bronze-color as basecolor to give it a darker look.

But I've to admit that the effect really changed after adding two more layers of clear red and painting the brass-parts. I'm nearly done with painting the cannon but I think I'll add some blood or red glaze to the fleshy parts. It's not looking gory enough yet.

I also have a spare part: The Herald. I build him as described and gave him the spike that usually goes to the back of the cannon (Yes, I didn't see that in the instructions...) as kind of a mornig star. Now I've to find a nice basesize for him and paint him. But that's on the end of my To-Do-List for painting the Khorne Army.

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