Thursday, 25 August 2016

500 Points Newbie Campaign

I'm honest:
My first idea was to field 500 Points of flying and swarming Tyranids which might have ended in not so much fun. Flyrant, Warriors... not so much nice stuff.

Next idea: Fielding admech. Well beginners campaign and I'm not so mad about scrolling around for five different weapons for one squad. Sorry guys: You're out!

One also mean idea was to field just one Imperial Knight. Not much to carry but frustrating for the kids I guess. I've seen my small one stomping a Terminator Squad...

Khorne Daemons? Never played them outside of Age of Sigmar so they're not my first choice.

Ultramarines? Why not. I've a bunch of these guys from the Black Reach Box. But just one troop choice so: Nope... They're out. I'm not going unbound.

What's left on my shelf? Good old Blood Angels!

Unfortunately I've a Pre-2014 Blood Angels-Army so Troop Choice is always an issue since Death Company and Assault Marines are no longer troops. And I didn't manage to paint a second tactical squad in two years.
But I hope I managed to make the list a litte bit nice at least:

+++ Blood Angels 500 (484pts) +++

++ Blood Angels: Codex (2014) (BA Baal Strike Force) (484pts) ++

+ (No Category) +

Relics and Detachment-rules [Codex: Blood Angels]

+ HQ (90pts) +

Librarian (Terminator) (90pts) [Warlord]

+ Elites (140pts) +

Furioso Dreadnought (140pts) [Smoke Launchers]
····Power Fists [Frag cannon, Heavy flamer]

+ Troops (254pts) +

Scout Squad (70pts) [Camo Cloaks, 4x Scouts, 4x Sniper Rifle]
····Scout Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Sniper Rifle]

Tactical Squad (184pts) [Missile launcher, 5x Tactical Marine]
····Drop Pod [Deathwind Missile Launcher]
····Tactical Sergeant [Combi-Melta, Power fist]

Created with BattleScribe (

Actually it's 494 but BattleScribe still refuses to accept Frag Canon and Blood Talons for my Dreadnaught although it's totally valid. I'm really looking forward to play my Furioso with all the attacks he can have now ;)

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