Sunday, 28 August 2016

Armies on Parade ahead!

Time is counting down for Paradeday 2016 and I thought I had a great idea last night what to do to defend my second place from last year.
Let's do wooden green box with sprayed on letters like a military box and hide the terrain inside.
I did a quick scribble of the idea to get a rough impression.

Yes, and sometimes it's better to sleep a night on it.
The material for the box is currently resting under my bed and was my gaming "terrain" until I bought the Realm of Battle. I need just one of these boards for the bottom and the lid. Plus the sides and the inside terrain. In other words: pretty heavy.
Also I haven't thought about the dimensions: This is the bag of the Realm of Battle-Boards. The handiest piece of equipment I've standing around. And not like plastic light instead wooden heavy (15mm furniture boards).
And finally the lid will be huge. Over 70cm when opened.
That might be a nice project if I had a proper workshop to store those things or for a really big competion. But it's neither of these.
I guess I'll switch to plan B like last year: Simple terrain some nicely painted buildings and my army. Nothing superfancy.

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